Tiran-Paz Law Office and Associates – represents numerous clients who have incurred some bodily injury, mental impairment or damage to their possessions and have law suites against insurance companies, The State of Israel and its Institutions, Social Security, private and public health systems.

The Office deals with all types of law suites where any form of damage has been encountered – whether physical or material. Tiran-Paz Law Office and Associates specializes in complex law suites where a number of parties are involved.

Tiran-Paz Law Office and Associates – Lawyers Galya Rozenbaum-Tiran and Avital Paz – both have over 20 years of experience with managing law suites that claim compensation. They have also have extensive experience while working for the insurance companies and learning the mechanism of the law firms that represent the ‘defendant’.

The Office offers professional and high quality legal services from Lawyers Galya Rozenbaum -Tiran and Avital Paz with the emphasis on personal attention. Lawyers Galya Rozenbaum-Tiran and Avital Paz are committed to giving compassionate, friendly and efficient service tor each applicant.

Adv. Galya Tiran-Rozenbaum

Education: LL.B., Faculty of Law, Teal Aviv University; 1990. Lawyer, Israeli Bar Association; 1991.

Adv. Galya Tiran-Rozenbaum gained broad experience in damage law cases including representing insurance companies and individuals during litigation; interrogating witnesses and professional experts; negotiations and risk management in many cases. Adv. Galya Tiran-Rozenbaum is also authorized by the Israeli Bar Association as an arbitrator.

Adv. Avital Paz

Education: LL.B., Faculty of Law, Tal Aviv University; 1991. Lawyer, Israeli Bar Association; 1992.

Adv. Avital Paz initially worked in the leading medical insurance company in Israel, MCI Medical Consultant International LTD and the Madanes Insurance Agency. Avital Paz then worked in the Caspi – Sror Law Firm. as a leading lawyer which represented prosecutors against medical institutions and insurance companies in cases of medical malpractice.

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